Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co. Ltd. (BIOER) is a professional enterprise engaged in life science instruments and reagents develop, product, sales and service. The company is located in Hangzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone (Binjiang District), covers an area of 26000 square meters, construction area of 15000 square meters, with ten thousand super clearance room, GMP reagent workshop, Central Laboratory of first-class environment and equipment.

After more than 10 years of development, Bioer's products have covered the United States, Germany, Canada, Finland, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and other more than 100 countries and regions in the world. According to a number of international consulting firm survey, Bioer has become the world's leading supplier of PCR products and gene detection of life science instrument production base, sales performance has been in the forefront of the market for many years.

Bioer has strong semiconductor refrigerator (Peltier) design ability and skilled manufacturing background. With custmoized high-quality long-life semiconductor refrigerator which is the core component of gene amplification instrument, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, dry bath, water bath and the PCR related applications, durability of Bioer's products are better than others.

Bioer began the development of the application product of Peltier from 1995. Bioer launched the first PCR instrument based Peltier technology in China. Its performance is above mainstream product level, with medical device registration certificate and the national patent. Bioer also help to write the first Chinese gene amplification instrument enterprise standard. 2011 launch of the Touch series of intelligent touch-screen PCR instrument based on adhering to the excellence of Bioer temperature control performance, to achieve the PCR device touch screen operation; 2012 through persistent trial, Bioer launched GeneMax, with six independent temperature control module, excellent temperature control performanc, iPAD style 10 Inch Touch Screen brings the better software experience. Bioer leads the trend of PCR products through continuous innovation, making its product competitive and differentiation.

In the field of fluorescence quantitative PCR and fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system, Bioer launched LineGene series in 2002 with national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL01116421.2), is also the first quantitative PCR instrument approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) with independent intellectual property rights registration. LineGene series of products with stable, reliable and sensitive technology quickly gained market recognition, and become a classic platform for Realtime PCR instrument. In the following years, the collegues from R & D department, aiming to lead the world in the field of genetic testing area, with long-term accumulation of technology, developed Bioer's LineGene9600 with precise temperature control, unique bottom heating and detection of patented technology to achieve excellent, high sensitive experimental results. In 2012, Bioer launched LineGene9600 series second generation software, making the laboratory operation safer and more efficient, achieving better customer experience and human-machine interaction.

In 1995, Bioer began to launch its dry bath in field of scientific and medical use. With 20 years of development and application, we launched ThermoQ(dry bath) in 2013.It has a number of groundbreaking design, with a number of world-class invention patents reaching of the new level of dry bath.

At the beginning of 2015, Bioer launched the new LineGene9600 plus, LineGeneK plus, new generation of automatic nucleic acid purification system. They are praised by the customers for excellent quality, stable results and powerful software.

Around the life science research and application field, Bioer launched a series of dry bath, water bath, nucleic acid purification system, standard PCR laboratory, incubator, life science reagents and other related products. Bioer has committed to providing a full set of solutions for the research and application of life science customers. Bioer not only provide products, but also provide high quality support services. Experienced experts will assist you to purchase the right products and offer aftersales service.

"Diligence, aspiration,creativity, excellence" is the business philosophy of Bioer. With a perfect quality management system, Bioer has won the German TUV ISO9001 certification and ISO13485.

We will continue to fight for the future and make greater contributions in the field of life sciences.

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After more than 10 years of development, bioer products have been covering the United States, Germany, Canada, Finland, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and other more than 100 countries and regions in the world

Leading PCR Supplier in China

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